barbara jordan speech on President Nixon 1974 addressing congress

I was there when Rep. Barbara Jordan made her speech before the House Judiciary Committee on the Impeachment of then President Richard Nixon on July 17, 1974. Her brilliantly presented defense of the Constitution from a woman,. the great-granddaughter of slaves, spoke elegantly about the dignity and validation of the Constitution preserving liberty for the people, even though when it was originally executed blacks were mentioned as three-fifths of a person and women not at all. Her presentation was a major document in the forthcoming impeachment of Richard Nixon which drove him from office before the act could become official. This legal scholar from Houston went on to address the Democratic National Convention in 1976.

“Messiah” an original Netflix series is so mesmerizing I can’t stop watching it. A Christ-type figure begins showing up in the Middle East and also in the Bible Belt in the USA. Crowds follow him, he walks on water, and heals the sick. His actions which actually hurt no one and inspires many enrages the media, the CIA and FBI gets involved and millions quit work to follow him. Makes you wonder what would we do if someone like that showed up in our lives amid strange occurrences and people thought he was the Messiah? Would this be blasphemous, acceptable? Would you lock him up, embrace him, or scream FALSE PROPHET?

Small acts of kindness 2020

For that moment, I felt something good had broken through all the mean- spirited and evil acts permeating the airwaves and was touching me. For that moment, I felt tagged, selected, like I felt in elementary school when the teacher called my name as an A student or in the childish games, we played “You’re it.” I was the “it”, the one God chose to send someone to be kind to.

Uber Driver experience with ladies from the east

For Christmas two of my best friends and I took off to Florida for Christmas holiday to escape the below freezing temperatures of the East Coast. we came thinking we were just three wise women, with sense enough to de-stress. We came to do nothing, to be nothing, with no- To Do List. But we soon found not only did we have a Uber ministry but we encountered both blessings and the bizarre.

MSN news Trump Provided by Washington Examiner

FINALLY white Evangelicals might be putting Christ over politics. I knew Rev. Billy Graham personally. He wrote a letter to Howard University to recommend their acceptance of me as a divinity student. I believe if he were alive he would stand up for those who the president is hurting, like those who are being removed from health care, those whose food stamps have been cut and the brown immigrant children who have been separated from their families in one of the greatest demonstrations of child abuse. I hope Pastor John Hagee, Huckabee and the other political Christians are paying attention.

Homeless Woman in DC, A problem bigger than myself

There is a woman nearby that lives on a bench near a bus stop. What hurts is I do not know how to get her off the bench. And if she does not get off the bench, she could die. In fact, I do not know if she will be there when I drive by and check on her today. It was 30 degrees last night when I drove up to her and called the name she gave me. “Tabatha.”` At first she did not respond.

The Drop Documentary encourages kids to stay in school

This documentary which Dr. Stephanie Myers and helped launch is now used nationwide to help youth understand the awful negatives of dropping out of school. The very talented Chaka Balamani was the producer, I was associate producer. Chaka is my great friend, Dr. Michelle Michele Balamani Silvera son. Stephanie Myers