Homeless Woman in DC, A problem bigger than myself

There is a woman nearby that lives on a bench near a bus stop. What hurts is I do not know how to get her off the bench. And if she does not get off the bench, she could die. In fact, I do not know if she will be there when I drive by and check on her today. It was 30 degrees last night when I drove up to her and called the name she gave me. “Tabatha.”` At first she did not respond.

kanye west and mega churches

I warned you that Kanye’s religious activities were linked to support of Trump. Kanye helped paved the way for Trump to host a group of blacks in Atlanta next week and is wooing blacks to Trump and appealing for them to vote for Trump. How shameful. Kanye and Kim lead a multi-millionaire life style that has nothing to with the rest of us and Trump knowing how serious many of us take religion is using Kanye to get young people to vote for him at the same time he is killing affirmative actions and packing the judiciary with racist judges. Shame on Kanye.

Out of hell and living well

Barbara SAYS: “Now as a minister, I can understand why I had to go through this valley of abandonment by my mother, incest, racism in my career, alcoholism, a bad marriage, abortions and near mental collapse. I was designed for the purpose of aiding people struggling with drugs, alcohol and other addictions, as well as low self-esteem, to be set free through the intervention of the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Down in this valley of agony and despair, I have come to understand addiction, abuse and healing in ways I could never have learned from a textbook. I believe I have made the journey from madness to wellness myself. If I can serve as a guide in that struggle, it is well worth the pain of having lived a troubled life.”