Small acts of kindness 2020

For that moment, I felt something good had broken through all the mean- spirited and evil acts permeating the airwaves and was touching me. For that moment, I felt tagged, selected, like I felt in elementary school when the teacher called my name as an A student or in the childish games, we played “You’re it.” I was the “it”, the one God chose to send someone to be kind to.


My what a change. I wonder is the color line finally coming down, even among ourselves. I remember to be in the AKA sorority you had to have a lighter skin color than a brown paper bag. I remember discussing this with Lena Horne in the 1980’s because back in the day, if a black woman did not have the light colored skin, they didn’t have a chance in Hollywood or many jobs. In fact, I interviewed Lena Horne–America’s first Hollywood star– about this because for years she was the standard of beauty for black women. “Sometimes my life was like the title of my son Stormy Weather.