They aren’t going to get their nails done when most of the nail shops are run by Koreans and Vietnamese.) Not eating any more Chinese food. One person didn’t go to church when they haven’t seen anyone other than black faces in attendance for decades. Another person put on a mask to go to Giant supermarket. Another said “That does it no more Chinese fortune cookies for me.” Another said if I see someone from China I am taking off running. I think if we don’t watch out we will have a convulsion of bigotry against Oriental people.

This new bombshell is the release of allegations in former national security adviser John Bolton’s book manuscript that President Trump had illegally tied military aid to Ukraine contingent on probes into former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s most feared political rival. In Bolton’s not-yet-published book, this account is not hearsay but allegedly firsthand conversations that Bolton had with Trump and key advisers, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

So now with the Republican controlled Senate rush to acquit Trump in this rigged trial, he will soon be free to continue using foreign countries or any other illegal acts to ensure his re-election in 2020. What the Republicans have done is to coronate Trump a King who now has the green light to operate above the laws of our democracy without any consequences.

barbara jordan speech on President Nixon 1974 addressing congress

I was there when Rep. Barbara Jordan made her speech before the House Judiciary Committee on the Impeachment of then President Richard Nixon on July 17, 1974. Her brilliantly presented defense of the Constitution from a woman,. the great-granddaughter of slaves, spoke elegantly about the dignity and validation of the Constitution preserving liberty for the people, even though when it was originally executed blacks were mentioned as three-fifths of a person and women not at all. Her presentation was a major document in the forthcoming impeachment of Richard Nixon which drove him from office before the act could become official. This legal scholar from Houston went on to address the Democratic National Convention in 1976.

Martin Luther King Sr. Read more in the book by Dr Barbara Reynolds, "And Still We Rise" where you can read the full interview from November 24th, 1982 and Jan 16, 1984

The most simple explanation is that we have a hater-in-chief as your president. Hateful, derogatory language about black and brown people coupled with his inability to denounce the hateful alt-right violence in Charlottesville Va which extolled anti-Semitism has emboldened hate groups. America is reaping what is being sown from the top and we must do all we can to reach up while haters are trying to pull us down.

Uber Driver experience with ladies from the east

For Christmas two of my best friends and I took off to Florida for Christmas holiday to escape the below freezing temperatures of the East Coast. we came thinking we were just three wise women, with sense enough to de-stress. We came to do nothing, to be nothing, with no- To Do List. But we soon found not only did we have a Uber ministry but we encountered both blessings and the bizarre.

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FINALLY white Evangelicals might be putting Christ over politics. I knew Rev. Billy Graham personally. He wrote a letter to Howard University to recommend their acceptance of me as a divinity student. I believe if he were alive he would stand up for those who the president is hurting, like those who are being removed from health care, those whose food stamps have been cut and the brown immigrant children who have been separated from their families in one of the greatest demonstrations of child abuse. I hope Pastor John Hagee, Huckabee and the other political Christians are paying attention.

Homeless Woman in DC, A problem bigger than myself

There is a woman nearby that lives on a bench near a bus stop. What hurts is I do not know how to get her off the bench. And if she does not get off the bench, she could die. In fact, I do not know if she will be there when I drive by and check on her today. It was 30 degrees last night when I drove up to her and called the name she gave me. “Tabatha.”` At first she did not respond.